About us

Why the Billinkoff Vasectomy Centre?

Located just steps off of Waterfront Drive in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District, this unique facility offers a relaxed and casual atmosphere designed to make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations for patient care and customer service within a publicly funded medical health care system. We are not a user-pay private clinic. All basic services are insured by provincial health. Some nominal fees may apply for some uninsured services.

Over 25,000 patients have had their vasectomies at the Billinkoff Vasectomy Centre. Patients have come from virtually every city or town in Manitoba or western Ontario to have their vasectomies here.

It is very likely that many of your relatives, neighbours, friends or coworkers have had their vasectomies here at the Billinkoff Vasectomy Centre.

Experience - Very few doctors worldwide have performed as many vasectomies as Dr. Errol Billinkoff. He has over 20 years of experience and has performed over 25,000 vasectomies. His name is virtually synonymous with vasectomy in Manitoba. No physician west of Toronto has ever had this level of experience. Knowing this gives patients confidence and puts their minds at ease.

Convenience - We are able to perform 1400 vasectomies annually by making each step of the process simple and convenient for you. How do we do this?